Packing Supplies For Your Next Move

moving-boxesPacking supplies are a must when moving to a new house or apartment. With the items below you will be able to work smarter and not harder. Take these tips and use them, it will help if you’re planning on moving soon.

Boxes – This is the most important item to have when moving. Without boxes you would have to move each small item one by one and it would take way too long. With boxes you organize smaller items by room and make moving and unpacking easier. Here are some tips on finding boxes, for free.

Check liquor stores. They have tons of boxes for free, of all sizes. Either check by their dumpster at the end of each day or go inside and ask the person behind the counter. Go check all liquor stores in your area, the bigger the better.

Grocery stores. Randalls, HEB, Krogers, Walmart, all receive their inventory via cardboard box. They end up smashing and recycling the boxes. Ask a manager if you can have them and it will save them trouble.

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Packing tape – If you can’t tape the boxes up then they will come undone while moving and break items and cause a big mess. Not to mention the frustration of spilling all of your unmentionable in front of your new neighbors. The tape needs to be strong and easy to dispense. Taping boxes prevents people from going through your items as well. This tape works well.

Packing paper – With this packing paper you can wrap your fragile items to prevent them from breaking during the move. You can also pack crumpled newspaper in empty space to keep your items from shifting while you carry the box. Bubble wrap works even better if you have expensive dishes or just want to make sure things aren’t broken.

Black MarkersSharpie markers work best. You can label your boxes with its contents and location. So if you have a box from the bathroom, simply mark bathroom on the top.

Dolly – Move more than one box with a good dolly. This speeds things up significantly. Also you can move larger items with ease such as dishwashers, washers, dryers and even refridgerators. This is a must have.

Forearm Forklifts – Use these to lift even the heaviest items and also improve your handholds on bulky items. These are a good buy and you’ll use them even after your move.

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Moving in Houston? You’ll Need A Moving Checklists

choosing-a-houston-moverTasks well planned and organized are always completed successfully. Organizing and planning significantly impact your efforts for any task and when tasks such as moving a home or relocating to a different place are they become inevitable.

A moving checklist will help you easily break down and identify the To-Do tasks arranged by time say weekly and could result in making moving less of a chore. Prepare and take few prints of the checklist and keep them in places where they are easily visible such as on coffee table, center table or hang them up on refrigerator.

You can create multiple checklists such as moving timeline checklist which could make pre-moving activities manageable, a moving day checklist can help you outline the activities to be done on the decided date and a post-move checklist to result a hassle free unpacking.

Usually moving should be planned at least eight weeks before the actual date. During this time, you can accomplish tasks like sorting i.e. from each room identify stuff that you can donate or leave behind, items that need special care of any insurance coverage. You can also research about various packers and movers if you are planning to hire one. Start creating and maintaining a separate file to keep track of all your points and estimates, inventory lists etc.

During week seven and six estimate and order boxes and other packing material such as wraps, seals, markers for labeling, color tapes for color coding items. You can also start packing items that are rarely used or non-seasonal clothing. Start using up all perishable and frozen items or be prepared to throw them away.

moving-boxesDuring the next two weeks you can finalize your movers and complete related paper work such as written confirmation of moving dates, costs and pricing, rules and regulations that you need to be obliged to. Start informing friends and others about moving and get started with the formalities of change of address. You can begin initial packing and start grouping items and separate valuables and other fragile objects. Talk to your employer about moving so that you can arrange time as and when needed in advance.

In the third and second week of your moving checklist you can have tasks such as reconfirming the moving arrangements with the moving company, examine items and note down all tints and dings, arrange cancellation of any home deliveries such as milk, newspapers etc. if you have valuables in your safe deposit box now is the time to clean it up. Initiate change of address process wherever applicable and update your new address to your friends and family.

The final week before moving you can perform things like defrosting your refrigerator, turn off utilities, aim to complete your any pending packing, refill medical prescriptions and keep them handy foreseeing the tedious new few days, you should also look into the payment arrangements to pay to the movers.

Having a moving checklist will really simplify and make tedious chores like moving manageable and effortless. You can modify or amend checklist according to your needs but it’s a really good practice to have one if you are moving home.

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Moving Tips – Houston Moving Company A-1 Professional Movers

moving-boxesPacking and moving can be very tedious. It demands lots of energy and time. However you can follow these tips while packing and moving which can make your life way more comfortable during your move to your new home. First of all have a good estimate of the number and size of boxes that you might need to accommodate all your belongings. Clearly label the boxes to easily identify what is being packed where. That helps you a lot while you are unpacking. You can unwrap your items in an order and it really saves you lot of time. Try to fill the boxes as much as you can without leaving empty space; this will keep the objects from falling and breaking. It will also help in maintaining balance. You can use cloths to fill the gaps. Pack all delicate and vulnerable stuff as well as expensive stuff such as art works etc. in separate boxes and mention about it to your mover for extra care. If possible label them as fragile. Make sure to write down the number of boxes that you have packed in total. You will thank yourself for doing this at the end. Plan and organize early to avoid any last minute hurdles. Call and seek help of some friends who can help you reduce the stress of packing the whole house yourself, or call A-1 Professional Movers to help! Identify if there is some old stuff that you can leave behind or donate. Moving could be a good time to locate unwanted or rarely used stuff.

Wrap up regularly used breakables in cloths or use bubble wraps to prevent damage. You can also use clean pair of socks for stuffing stemware and glassware. Pack all your crockery such as plates etc. vertically rather than horizontally. It is less space consuming and become more immune to shocks. If you are moving your chests or dress drawers do not empty them rather simply cover them with a press and seal and save efforts of arranging your drawers back, it also reduces lot of packing efforts.

Some other important moving tips that you must follow are to make sure that you pack a small manageable overnight bag. This is important because you might be too tired to unpack your stuff at the destination or you might have to show up at work. All important and immediate essentials such as a pair or cloths, toiletries, may be your laptop etc. should be kept handy. You can use a saran wrap to wrap your toiletries that will prevent them from breakage or leaks. You can use cotton for padding most of your cosmetics.

Small and tiny items such as screws and bolts of your furniture, TV stands, curtain rods clips etc. can be packed in individual sandwich bags and should be labelled. Reassembling can be a big mess if these tiny items get mixed up.

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Happy moving!